Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sticky Shoes?

Sticky Shoes® is a custom made double-sided adhesive tab designed specifically for the shoe application. 

Who would use Sticky Shoes?

Sticky Shoes are versatile for any type of shoe and are recommended for:

  • Any woman who wears high heels or flats
  • Any woman whose feet are usually between shoe sizes
  • Models 
  • Brides or bridesmaids 
  • Fashionistas
  • Dancers or performers
  • Business women

How long does Sticky Shoes last?

Sticky Shoes are made with a very strong dual-adhesive tape that is durable enough to be reused a few times, or cleanly removed after each use. Whatever your preference!

What's the difference between your tape and other double-sided tapes on the market?

What makes Sticky Shoes so special is the fact that is the ONLY double-sided tape on the market designed specifically for the shoe application. Our dual-side adhesive technology is unique to our product, and we have it patented!

Other double-sided tapes will leave a sticky residue in your shoe and don't stick very well to the rough skin on your heels. However, our tape is designed to remove cleanly and easily from the shoe and is hypoallergenic, medical grade so that it's perfectly safe for contact with your skin.



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