How To Stop Shoes From Slipping or Sliding Off Your Feet With Sticky Shoes

Space can be a good thing when it comes to a relationship or hunting for a new apartment–but not when it comes to the fit of your shoes! By wearing shoes that are too large and slide off the back of your heel, it can cause uncomfortable blisters and sores, or worse, cause you fall and embarrass yourself in public. Yikes!

The good news is that all of this can be prevented by using Sticky Shoes, a double-sided tape that is designed specifically for use in your heels, flats, or boots. But you're probably thinking, "Aren't there a bunch of double-sided tapes out there that I can buy and use in my shoes?"....."What's so special about Sticky Shoes?" 

While there may be other double-sided tapes out there, here are 5 reasons why Sticky Shoes is the best option for you and your shoe needs. 


1. Unique design in the shape of your heel

We make the ONLY tape on the market that is specifically designed for shoe application. Most tapes have straight, boxy edges, while Sticky Shoes features a round-tab design to perfectly cover the entire heel area of your skin for a strong, long-lasting application. 

2. Won't leave any sticky residue in yours shoes

The last thing you want is a bunch of sticky goop in your brand new Louis Vuitton pumps after just one-use. Sticky Shoes features an easy-release tab that gently and cleanly removes all tape and stickiness from your shoe. 

3. Patented dual-side adhesive technology

Our tape features a dual-side adhesive technology that's so unique we even have it patented. The adhesive on the skin-side of the tab is a hypoallergenic, medical grade product that is safe for skin contact. The adhesive on the shoe-side is designed with enough strength to hold firmly, but also remove cleanly from the shoe without leaving damage.

4. It's affordable

Compared to other tapes and products on the market that claim to keep your heels in place, Sticky Shoes is just $12.95 for a 10-pack. That's less than $2 a tab.  

5. It's tested and works

In launching Sticky Shoes we quickly realized there are a lot of factors that go into manufacturing a highly effective shoe tape such as weather conditions, personal conditions, and most importantly, ease of use. After spending lots of time doing R&D, we relaunched a new and improved version of Sticky Shoes on Kickstarter and our campaign successfully funded with amazing support.


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